Publications of Xinyue Guo

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Journal Article
Zhang, T.; Kuenne, C.; Ding, D.; Guenther, S.; Guo, X.; Zhou, Y.; Yuan, X.; Braun, T.: Replication collisions induced by de-repressed S-phase transcription are connected with malignant transformation of adult stem cells. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 13 (1), 6907 (2022)
Journal Article
Georgieva, A. M.; Guo, X.; Bartkuhn, M.; Guenther, S.; Kuenne, C.; Smolka, C.; Atzberger, A.; Gaertner, U.; Mamchaoui, K.; Bober, E. et al.; Zhou, Y.; Yuan, X.; Braun, T.: Inactivation of Sirt6 ameliorates muscular dystrophy in mdx mice by releasing suppression of utrophin expression. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 13 (1), 4184 (2022)
Journal Article
Peng, Y.; Du, J.; Gunther, S.; Guo, X.; Wang, S.; Schneider, A.; Zhu, L.; Braun, T.: Mechano-signaling via Piezo1 prevents activation and p53-mediated senescence of muscle stem cells. REDOX BIOLOGY 52, 102309 (2022)
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