Equal Opportunity

Equal Opportunity

“The Max Planck Society encourages the maxim of a non-discriminatory culture, in which the variety and diversity of employees are seen as an opportunity and in which all are met with equal respect and shown the same esteem.  Neither ethnic origin, descent nor other categories of origin nor sex, gender nor sexual orientation, religion nor world-view, disability nor age may lead to personal or professional disadvantages and influence the opportunities of an individual to access to the organization or to promotion and qualification within the organization.”  (Policy Against Sexualized Discrimination, Harassment and Violence).

Gender Equality and Equal Opportunity

Cutting-edge research requires talent, creativity and passion.  To achieve this, the Max Planck Society focuses on gender equality and diversity.  In more than 80 Max Planck Institutes, the Society supports employees regardless of their gender, nationality, ethnic or cultural background, religion, disabilities, age, or sexual identity. 

The MPI for Heart and Lung Research supports equal opportunities for all employees and strives to promote and implement equal opportunity strategies and to offer attractive framework conditions.

Equal Opportunity Officer

The Equal Opportunities Officer has the task of promoting and monitoring equality between women and men, and the elimination of existing and the prevention of future gender-based discrimination in the institution.


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