Pharmacology (Dept. II)

Pharmacology (Dept. II)

Scientific Focus

The department investigates cellular signaling pathways and mechanisms of pathophysiological processes in the cardiovascular and metabolic system as well as in cancer.

The Department of Pharmacology pursues both basic science projects and projects with the aim to solve medical problems. In basic sciences projects, we aim at understanding how cells of the vascular and metabolic system, the heart as well as tumor cells respond to chemical and mechanical stimuli to maintain homeostasis and to adapt to changing microenvironments. More medically oriented scientific projects deal with the mechanisms of pathophysiological processes and drug actions, in particular in the cardiovascular and metabolic system as well as in cancer with the option to carry the projects to a translational level.

Research Areas

Offermanns Group

G-protein-coupled receptors - read more

Signalling and mechanotransduction in the cardiovascular system - read more

Metabolic signaling in obesity and diabetes - read more

Tumor cell metastasis - read more

Semaphorin-plexin signaling - read more

Wettschureck Group

G-protein-mediated signaling - read more

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