Career Development

Women are still significantly underrepresented in leadership positions.  The reasons for this include outdated gender roles and prejudices, a lack of role models, a lack of childcare facilities and the omnipresence of male values in organizational structures.  The following programs aim to offer solutions to this situation.

Minerva-FemmeNet – mentoring network for female scientists

Women experience obstacles on their career path more often than men.  Minerva FemmeNet is designed to counteract this problem and to provide young female junior scientists in the MPS with support and advice on all aspects of career planning.  Currently more than 500 mentees are looked after by about 370 honorary mentors from research and science.  In addition, Minerva FemmeNet also offers soft skills training in cooperation with other mentoring networks.

Interested female PhD students, postdocs and group leaders can find information about the programme and register for it under

SignUp! Careerbuilding for Female Postdocs

In cooperation with EAF Berlin. Diversity in Leadership, the MPS developed a qualification and networking program for female postdoctoral researchers.  The programme Sign Up! Careerbuilding aims to empower women and prepare them for leadership positions in science.  In three seminar modules lasting several days, personal competences are trained and success strategies and information conveyed.

Interested scientists need a recommendation from the directors of their institute.  Every year, up to 18 participants are selected nationwide.


The MPS is a partner of the online portal AcademiaNet which was founded in 2010.  The portal contains a database with the profiles of approximately 2,500 top-class female scientists of all disciplines - mainly, but not only, from Europe.  For example, the platform enables the identification of suitable female scientists for committees or management positions, as well as speakers for conferences.

Female scientists must be nominated for AcademiaNet by a science partner on the basis of certain selection criteria.  Interested female scientists should contact their director.

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