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Cell receptor involved in autoimmune diseases?

P2Y10 receptor promotes migration of CD4 T lymphocytes more

miR1 and miR133a block cell division in heart cells

Approach for strengthening heart regeneration discovered more

Biomarker predicts severity of COVID-19 infection early on

High expression of the "fitness gene hFwe-Lose" in the lung reliably predicts severe progression more

The division of the indivisible: Heart regeneration possible after genetic reprogramming of cardiac muscle cells

Timed transient expression of stem cell factors enables cardiac regeneration in the mouse heart more

Without scars: Research team is on the trail of complete tissue and organ regeneration

Crucial regenerative mechanism discovered more

Mohamed El-Brolosy receives Otto Hahn Medal and Peter Hans Hofschneider Prize

Scientifc awards for doctoral thesis on heart and lung research more

<p>EU funds research on genetic defects at the Max Planck Institute</p>

Didier Stainier receives 2.5 million euros from the European Research Council more

Animal studies in basic research - facing a a high degree of responsibility

We are taking the World Day of Laboratory Animal as an opportunity to provide information on this topic. This is a controversial topic on which we would like to let the Institute's employees who work closest to the animals - our veterinarians and animal care staff - have their say. more

Presenting the winner image of the March 2021 contest

Congratuations to Maria Elisa Almeida Góes (Dept. Braun) for being the winner of the first internal contest for the best scientific image. The internal contest was organized by the PhD Committee of our institute. Contributions were voluntary. It is intended to bring more communication between the departments and scientific and non-scientific members of stuff, further gives more visibility to our scientific work. more

<span>Joint research work on pulmonary hypertension awarded</span>

Christoph Zehendner and Chanil Valasarajan awarded by René Baumgart Foundation more

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