Publications of Adriana Contreras

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Journal Article
Chao, C.-M.; Carraro, G.; Rako, Z. A.; Kolck, J.; Sedighi, J.; Zimmermann, V.; Moiseenko, A.; Wilhelm, J.; Young, B. M.; Chong, L. et al.; Wu, J.; Contreras, A.; Minoo, P.; Barreto, G.; Warburton, D.; Bellusci, S.: Failure to Down-Regulate miR-154 Expression in Early Postnatal Mouse Lung Epithelium Suppresses Alveologenesis, with Changes in Tgf-beta Signaling Similar to those Induced by Exposure to Hyperoxia. CELLS 9 (4), 859 (2020)
Journal Article
Singh, I.; Contreras, A.; Cordero, J.; Rubio, K.; Dobersch, S.; Guenther, S.; Jeratsch, S.; Mehta, A.; Krueger, M.; Graumann, J. et al.; Seeger, W.; Dobreva, G.; Braun, T.; Barreto, G.: MiCEE is a ncRNA-protein complex that mediates epigenetic silencing and nucleolar organization. NATURE GENETICS 50 (7), pp. 990 - + (2018)
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