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Masemann, D.; Meissner, R.; Schied, T.; Lichty, B. D.; Rapp, U. R.; Wixler, V.; Ludwig, S.: Synergistic anti-tumor efficacy of oncolytic influenza viruses and B7-H3 immune- checkpoint inhibitors against IC-resistant lung cancers. ONCOIMMUNOLOGY 10 (1), 1885778 (2021)
El-Nikhely, N.; Karger, A.; Sarode, P.; Singh, I.; Weigert, A.; Wietelmann, A.; Stiewe, T.; Dammann, R.; Fink, L.; Grimminger, F. et al.; Barreto, G.; Seeger, W.; Pullamsetti, S. S.; Rapp, U. R.; Savai, R.: Metastasis-Associated Protein 2 Represses NF-kappa B to Reduce Lung Tumor Growth and Inflammation. CANCER RESEARCH 80 (19), S. 4199 - 4211 (2020)
Masemann, D.; Koether, K.; Kuhlencord, M.; Varga, G.; Roth, J.; Lichty, B. D.; Rapp, U. R.; Wixler, V.; Ludwig, S.: Oncolytic influenza virus infection restores immunocompetence of lung tumor-associated alveolar macrophages. ONCOIMMUNOLOGY 7 (5), e1423171 (2018)
Pfeiffer, V.; Goetz, R.; Camarero, G.; Heinsen, H.; Blum, R.; Rapp, U. R.: Impaired neuronal maturation of hippocampal neural progenitor cells in mice lacking CRAF. PLOS ONE 13 (3), e0192067 (2018)
Pullamsetti, S. S.; Kojonazarov, B.; Storn, S.; Gall, H.; Salazar, Y.; Wolf, J.; Weigert, A.; El-Nikhely, N.; Ghofrani, H. A.; Krombach, G. A. et al.; Fink, L.; Gattenlohner, S.; Rapp, U. R.; Schermuly, R. T.; Grimminger, F.; Seeger, W.; Savai, R.: Lung cancer-associated pulmonary hypertension: Role of microenvironmental inflammation based on tumor cell-immune cell cross-talk. SCIENCE TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE 9 (416), eaai9048 (2017)
Mehta, A.; Cordero Henriquez, J. D.; Dobersch, S.; Romero-Olmedo, Addi J. (Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research, Lung Cancer Epigenetics), A. J.; Savai, R.; Bodner, J.; Chao, C.-M.; Fink, L.; Guzman-Diaz, E.; Singh, I. et al.; Dobreva, G.; Rapp, U. R.; Guenther, S.; Ilinskaya, O. N.; Bellusci, S.; Dammann, R. H.; Braun, T.; Seeger, W.; Gattenloehner, S.; Tresch, A.; Guenther, A.; Barreto, G.: Non-invasive lung cancer diagnosis by detection of GATA6 and NKX2-1 isoforms in exhaled breath condensate. EMBO MOLECULAR MEDICINE 8 (12), S. 1380 - 1389 (2016)
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