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The Mission of the Post-Doc Association for the Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research is to act as a unified representational body for Post-Doctoral Researchers employed by the MPI-HLR for promoting career support and development.

We aim to accomplish this by:


  • Using elected representatives to communicate with the administration.
  • Organizing interdepartmental and external training events (including invited speakers).
  • Providing a hub for Post-Doc informational resources on the intranet: follow this link to open the intranet
  • Acting as representatives for the MPS PostdocNet which provides additional resources here:


These resources will include but are not limited to:


  • Guest House information/Moving tips (apartment hunting, listings for apartments of soon-to-be-moving-away members etc.)
  • Foreign language resources
  • Information about Bad Nauheim (Shopping, Banks, Doctors, Mobile Carriers)
  • Calendar for events/national holidays (i.e. when stores are closed)


Current Members:

President - Official Post-Doc liaison to the MPI-HLR Directors and MPS

(2020 - Present)

(Braun Dept)


Vice-President - Official Post-Doc responsible for overseeing finances and organized Post-Doc events.

(2020 - Present)

(Stainier Dept)


Secretary (s) - Official(s) responsible for keeping records of committee meeting minutes, and circulating updates of meetings, and events to the Post-Doc mailing list.

(2020 - Present)

(Offermans Dept)


(2020 - Present)

(Stainier Dept)


Departmental Representatives - to ensure each department’s Post-Docs are fairly represented, each department selects one of its Post-Docs to attend Committee meetings to help voice concerns and opinions not brought to the committee directly.

2020 - Present

Katie Turkowski (AG Savai Group)

(Additional TBA)


Former Members:

Founding Members (2018):

Michelle‎ Collins (Stainier Dept) 

Carol‎ Yang (Stainier Dept) 



Do you have questions, suggestions, or feedback? Please, let us know!

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