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Zehendner, C. M.; Valasarajan, C.; Werner, A.; Boeckel, J.-N.; Bischoff, F. C.; John, D.; Weirick, T.; Glaser, S. F.; Rossbach, O.; Jae, N. et al.; Demolli, S.; Khassafi, F.; Yuan, K.; Perez, V. A. d. J.; Michalik, K. M.; Chen, W.; Seeger, W.; Guenther, A.; Wasnick, R. M.; Uchida, S.; Zeiher, A. M.; Dimmeler, S.; Pullamsetti, S. S.: Long Noncoding RNA TYKRIL Plays a Role in Pulmonary Hypertension via the p53-mediated Regulation of PDGFR beta. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF RESPIRATORY AND CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE 202 (10), pp. 1445 - 1457 (2020)
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