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Journal Article
Salazar, Y.; Zheng, X.; Brunn, D.; Raifer, H.; Picard, F.; Zhang, Y.; Winter, H.; Guenther, S.; Weigert, A.; Weigmann, B. et al.; Dumoutier, L.; Renauld, J.-C.; Waisman, A.; Schmall, A.; Tufman, A.; Fink, L.; Bruene, B.; Bopp, T.; Grimminger, F.; Seeger, W.; Pullamsetti, S. S.; Huber, M.; Savai, R.: Microenvironmental Th9 and Th17 lymphocytes induce metastatic spreading in lung cancer. JOURNAL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATION 130 (7), pp. 3560 - 3575 (2020)
Journal Article
Al-Tamari, H. M.; Dabral, S.; Schmall, A.; Sarvari, P.; Ruppert, C.; Paik, J.; DePinho, R. A.; Grimminger, F.; Eickelberg, O.; Guenther, A. et al.; Seeger, W.; Savai, R.; Pullamsetti, S. S.: FoxO3 an important player in fibrogenesis and therapeutic target for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. EMBO MOLECULAR MEDICINE 10 (2), pp. 276 - 293 (2018)
Journal Article
Savai, R.; Asafova, A.; Zheng, X.; Schmall, A.; Weigert, A.; Pullamsetti, S. S.; Seeger, W.: Circulating Fibrocytes Depletion Results In Reduced Lung Tumor Growth And Metastasis By Modulating Macrophage Phenotype, Angiogenesis And Endothelin System. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF RESPIRATORY AND CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE 195 (2017)
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