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Loerchner, H.; Adrian-Segarra, J. M.; Waechter, C.; Wagner, R.; Goes, M. E.; Brachmann, N.; Sreenivasan, K.; Wietelmann, A.; Guenther, S.; Doll, N. et al.; Braun, T.; Poeling, J.: Concomitant Activation of OSM and LIF Receptor by a Dual-Specific hlOSM Variant Confers Cardioprotection after Myocardial Infarction in Mice. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 23 (1), 353 (2022)
Journal Article
Sreenivasan, K.; Rodriguez-delaRosa, A.; Kim, J.; Mesquita, D.; Segales, J.; Gomez-del Arco, P.; Espejo, I.; Ianni, A.; Di Croce, L.; Relaix, F. et al.; Miguel Redondo, J.; Braun, T.; Serrano, A. L.; Perdiguero, E.; Munoz-Canoves, P.: CHD4 ensures stem cell lineage fidelity during skeletal muscle regeneration. STEM CELL REPORTS 16 (9), pp. 2089 - 2098 (2021)
Journal Article
Sreenivasan, K.; Ianni, A.; Kuenne, C.; Strilic, B.; Guenther, S.; Perdiguero, E.; Krueger, M.; Spuler, S.; Offermanns, S.; Gomez-del Arco, P. et al.; Miguel Redondo, J.; Munoz-Canoves, P.; Kim, J.; Braun, T.: Attenuated Epigenetic Suppression of Muscle Stem Cell Necroptosis Is Required for Efficient Regeneration of Dystrophic Muscles. CELL REPORTS 31 (7), UNSP 107652 (2020)
Journal Article
Adrian-Segarra, J. M.; Sreenivasan, K.; Gajawada, P.; Loerchner, H.; Braun, T.; Poeling, J.: The AB loop of oncostatin M (OSM) determines species-specific signaling in humans and mice. JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 293 (52), pp. 20181 - 20199 (2018)
Journal Article
Preussner, J.; Zhong, J.; Sreenivasan, K.; Guenther, S.; Engleitner, T.; Kuenne, C.; Glatzel, M.; Rad, R.; Looso, M.; Braun, T. et al.; Kim, J.: Oncogenic Amplification of Zygotic Dux Factors in Regenerating p53-Deficient Muscle Stem Cells Defines a Molecular Cancer Subtype. CELL STEM CELL 23 (6), pp. 794 - + (2018)
Journal Article
Gomez-del Arco, P.; Perdiguero, E.; Sofia Yunes-Leites, P.; Acin-Perez, R.; Zeini, M.; Garcia-Gomez, A.; Sreenivasan, K.; Jimenez-Alcazar, M.; Segales, J.; Lopez-Maderuelo, D. et al.; Ornes, B.; Jesus Jimenez-Borreguero, L.; D'Amato, G.; Enshell-Seijffers, D.; Morgan, B.; Georgopoulos, K.; Islam, A. B. M. M. K.; Braun, T.; Luis de la Pompa, J.; Kim, J.; Enriquez, J. A.; Ballestar, E.; Munoz-Canoves, P.; Miguel Redondo, J.: The Chromatin Remodeling Complex Chd4/NuRD Controls Striated Muscle Identity and Metabolic Homeostasis. CELL METABOLISM 23 (5), pp. 881 - 892 (2016)
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