Publications of Rui Xu

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Journal Article
Jiang, C.; Javed, A.; Kaiser, L.; Nava, M. M.; Xu, R.; Brandt, D. T.; Zhao, D.; Mayer, B.; Fernandez-Baldovinos, J.; Zhou, L. et al.; Hoess, C.; Sawmynaden, K.; Oleksy, A.; Matthews, D.; Weinstein, L. S.; Hahn, H.; Groene, H.-J.; Graumann, P. L.; Niessen, C. M.; Offermanns, S.; Wickstroem, S. A.; Worzfeld, T.: Mechanochemical control of epidermal stem cell divisions by B-plexins. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 12 (1), 1308 (2021)
Journal Article
Liu, S.; Lu, S.; Xu, R.; Atzberger, A.; Guenther, S.; Wettschureck, N.; Offermanns, S.: Members of Bitter Taste Receptor Cluster Tas2r143/Tas2r135/Tas2r126 Are Expressed in the Epithelium of Murine Airways and Other Non-gustatory Tissues. FRONTIERS IN PHYSIOLOGY 8, 849 (2017)
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