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Carvalho, J.; Chennupati, R.; Li, R.; Guenther, S.; Kaur, H.; Zhao, W.; Tonack, S.; Kurz, M.; Moesslein, N.; Buenemann, M. et al.; Offermanns, S.; Wettschureck, N.: Orphan G Protein-Coupled Receptor GPRC5B Controls Smooth Muscle Contractility and Differentiation by Inhibiting Prostacyclin Receptor Signaling. CIRCULATION 141 (14), S. 1168 - 1183 (2020)
Kaur, H.; Carvalho, J.; Looso, M.; Singh, P.; Chennupati, R.; Preussner, J.; Guenther, S.; Albarran-Juarez, J.; Tischner, D.; Classen, S. et al.; Offermanns, S.; Wettschureck, N.: Single-cell profiling reveals heterogeneity and functional patterning of GPCR expression in the vascular system. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 8, 15700 (2017)
Tischner, D.; Grimm, M.; Kaur, H.; Staudenraus, D.; Carvalho, J.; Looso, M.; Guenther, S.; Wanke, F.; Moos, S.; Siller, N. et al.; Breuer, J.; Schwab, N.; Zipp, F.; Waisman, A.; Kurschus, F. C.; Offermanns, S.; Wettschureck, N.: Single-cell profiling reveals GPCR heterogeneity and functional patterning during neuroinflammation. JCI INSIGHT 2 (15), UNSP e95063 (2017)
Kaur, H.; Takefuji, M.; Ngai, C.-Y.; Carvalho, J.; Bayer, J.; Wietelmann, A.; Poetsch, A.; Hoelper, S.; Conway, S. J.; Moellmann, H. et al.; Looso, M.; Troidl, C.; Offermanns, S.; Wettschureck, N.: Targeted Ablation of Periostin-Expressing Activated Fibroblasts Prevents Adverse Cardiac Remodeling in Mice. CIRCULATION RESEARCH 118 (12), S. 1906 - + (2016)
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