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Scientific focus

Mammals have more than 300 different cell types, which share the same genomic sequence but can be distinguished by their epigenetic signatures. Elucidating the molecular mechanisms controlling different epigenetic signature therefore would help to understand cellular differentiation, cell fate determination in normal development as well as in tissue regeneration. Deregulation of cell identity control often leads to human diseases in cardiopulmonary system and skeletal muscle. In my group we are focusing on understanding the epigenetic mechanisms underlying cell identity control in both physiological and pathophysiological conditions by applying multiply methods in biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology and mouse genetics, and cutting edge technologies including next generation deep-sequencing, high throughput RNAi screening, quantitative proteomics and advanced microscopy.

Currently there are three major projects pursuing:

Epigenetic modifiers regulating adult muscle stem cell homeostasis and skeletal muscle regeneration in physiological and pathophysiological conditions.

Linking epigenetic regulation to metabolism in cardiopulmonary progenitor cells during development and in cardiomyocytes during adult heart regeneration.

Identification and characterization of novel epigenetic modifiers and modifications involved in regulating one type of lung stem cell called BASC cell during lung regeneration.


Applicants for Master and PhD are welcome.

Group members:

Angelina Georgieva (post-doc)

Fan Wu (post-doc)

Xiang Li (post-doc)

Dong Ding (post-doc)

Hang Liu (PhD student)

Xinyue Guo (PhD student)

Andreea Bostean Olariu (PhD student)

Sarina Geisler (PhD student)

Hannine Ahmad (PhD student)

Barbara Zimmermann (Lab Manager/ Technical assistant)

Kexin Zhang (Technical assistant)

Julia Klein (Technical assistant)



Verawan Boonsanay (PhD, 2014)

Ting Zhang (post-doc)

Johanna Aoyama (Bachelor, 2015)

Hui Qi (post-doc)

Guangshuai Jia (post-doc)

Charbel Raad (Erasmus master student)

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