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Journal Article
Ong, Y. T.; Andrade, J.; Armbruster, M.; Shi, C.; Castro, M.; Costa, A. S. H.; Sugino, T.; Eelen, G.; Zimmermann, B.; Wilhelm, K. et al.; Lim, J.; Watanabe, S.; Guenther, S.; Schneider, A.; Zanconato, F.; Kaulich, M.; Pan, D.; Braun, T.; Gerhardt, H.; Efeyan, A.; Carmeliet, P.; Piccolo, S.; Grosso, A. R.; Potente, M.: A YAP/TAZ-TEAD signalling module links endothelial nutrient acquisition to angiogenic growth. NATURE METABOLISM 4 (6), pp. 672 - 682 (2022)
Journal Article
Chatterjee, A.; Eshwaran, R.; Poschet, G.; Lomada, S.; Halawa, M.; Wilhelm, K.; Schmidt, M.; Hammes, H.-P.; Wieland, T.; Feng, Y.: Involvement of NDPK-B in Glucose Metabolism-Mediated Endothelial Damage via Activation of the Hexosamine Biosynthesis Pathway and Suppression of O-GlcNAcase Activity. CELLS 9 (10), 2324 (2020)
Journal Article
Helker, C. S.; Eberlein, J.; Wilhelm, K.; Sugino, T.; Malchow, J.; Schuermann, A.; Baumeister, S.; Kwon, H.-B.; Maischein, H.-M.; Potente, M. et al.; Herzog, W.; Stainier, D. Y. R.: Apelin signaling drives vascular endothelial cells toward a pro-angiogenic state. ELIFE 9, e55589 (2020)
Journal Article
Stone, O. A.; El-Brolosy, M.; Wilhelm, K.; Liu, X.; Romao, A. M.; Grillo, E.; Lai, J. K. H.; Guenther, S.; Jeratsch, S.; Kuenne, C. et al.; Lee, I.-C.; Braun, T.; Santoro, M. M.; Locasale, J. W.; Potente, M.; Stainier, D. Y. R.: Loss of pyruvate kinase M2 limits growth and triggers innate immune signaling in endothelial cells. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 9, 4077 (2018)
Journal Article
Yu, P.; Wilhelm, K.; Dubrac, A.; Tung, J. K.; Alves, T. C.; Fang, J. S.; Xie, Y.; Zhu, J.; Chen, Z.; De Smet, F. et al.; Zhang, J.; Jin, S.-W.; Sun, L.; Sun, H.; Kibbey, R. G.; Hirschi, K. K.; Hay, N.; Carmeliet, P.; Chittenden, T. W.; Eichmann, A.; Potente, M.; Simons, M.: FGF-dependent metabolic control of vascular development. NATURE 545 (7653), pp. 224 - + (2017)
Journal Article
Wilhelm, K.; Happel, K.; Eelen, G.; Schoors, S.; Oellerich, M. F.; Lim, R.; Zimmermann, B.; Aspalter, I. M.; Franco, C. A.; Boettger, T. et al.; Braun, T.; Fruttiger, M.; Rajewsky, K.; Keller, C.; Bruening, J. C.; Gerhardt, H.; Carmeliet, P.; Potente, M.: FOXO1 couples metabolic activity and growth state in the vascular endothelium. NATURE 529 (7585), pp. 216 - U226 (2016)
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