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Journal Article
Salwig, I.; Spitznagel, B.; Vazquez-Armendariz, A. I.; Khalooghi, K.; Guenther, S.; Herold, S.; Szibor, M.; Braun, T.: Bronchioalveolar stem cells are a main source for regeneration of distal lung epithelia in vivo. EMBO JOURNAL 38 (12), e102099 (2019)
Journal Article
Shrestha, A.; Carraro, G.; Nottet, N.; Vazquez-Armendariz, A. I.; Herold, S.; Cordero, J.; Singh, I.; Wilhelm, J.; Barreto, G.; Morty, R. et al.; El Agha, E.; Mari, B.; Chen, C.; Zhang, J.-S.; Chao, C.-M.; Bellusci, S.: A critical role for miR-142 in alveolar epithelial lineage formation in mouse lung development. CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR LIFE SCIENCES 76 (14), pp. 2817 - 2832 (2019)
Journal Article
Tiono, J.; Solaligue, D. E. S.; Mizikova, I.; Nardiello, C.; Vadasz, I.; Boettcher-Friebertshaeuser, E.; Ehrhardt, H.; Herold, S.; Seeger, W.; Morty, R. E.: Y Mouse genetic background impacts susceptibility to hyperoxia-driven perturbations to lung maturation. PEDIATRIC PULMONOLOGY 54 (7), pp. 1060 - 1077 (2019)
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