Former Group Members

Dr. Maria Weiss now works at the University of Giessen

Dr. Ina Klockner now works at a Postdoc at the University of North Carolina

Dr. Melissa Valussi now works at the University of Marburg 

Dr. Christian Schutt moved to AstraZeneca, Göteborg

Sylvia Thomas (TA) now works as a teacher

Dr. Stas Wüst joined the Kadener Lab at Brandeis University

Dr. Johannes Besser moved to  Pharmalex now works at Biontech

Dr. Katharina Wystub-Lis now works at Alcedis

Dr. Judith Schweisgut now works in R&D of CSL Behring, Marburg

Dr. Nicole Gröger now works at the University of Magdeburg

Dr. Angela Bachmann now Dr. Angela Rasche works at the IT service of the State of Hessen

Dr. Henning Frank now Dr. Henning Fröhlich, works as a Scientist at the University of Heidelberg

Ulrike Neckmann (TA) moved to study at Norwegian University of Science and Technology and now works at  the German Cancer Consortium in Dresden

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