2016: Dieter-Klaus-Preis (ShengPeng Wang)
for his work on the identification of a new endothelial mechanisms of blood pressure control.

2016: Hermann-Rein-Preis (Boris Srilic)
for the discovery of a new mechanism mediating tumor cell metastasis.

2016: Rudi-Busse-Promotionspreis (Cong Tang)
for his thesis on loss of FFA2 and FFA3 increases insulin secretion and improves glucose tolerance in type 2 diabetes.

2015: Novartis Award for Therapy-relevant research (Nina Wettschureck)
for work on the role of GPCR HCA2 in mediating the beneficial effects of DMF in neuroinflammation (with H. Schwaninger, Lübeck).

2013: Rudolf-Buchheim Award (Dagmar Schumacher)
for her work on platelet-derived nucleotides in tumor cell transendothelial migration and metastsis.

2012: Galenus-von-Pergamon Award (Thomas Worzfeld)
for his work on plexin B1 on ErbB-2-expressing tumors.

2011: Otto-Hahn-Medaille (Kashan Ahmed)
for the discovery of a new receptor activated by lactate which plays an important role in the regulation of adipocyte lipolysis.

2011: Rudolf-Buchheim Award (Antonia Sassmann)
for her work on beta cell regulation through G-protein-mediated signaling.

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