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Appuhn V, S.; Siebert, S.; Myti, D.; Wrede, C.; Solaligue, D. E. S.; Perez-Bravo, D.; Brandenberger, C.; Schipke, J.; Morty, R. E.; Grothausmann, R. et al.; Muehlfeld, C.: Capillary Changes Precede Disordered Alveolarization in a Mouse Model of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF RESPIRATORY CELL AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 65 (1), S. 81 - 91 (2021)
Perez-Bravo, D.; Myti, D.; Mizikova, I.; Pfeffer, T.; Surate Solaligue, D. E.; Nardiello, C.; Vadasz, I.; Herold, S.; Seeger, W.; Ahlbrecht, K. et al.; Morty, R. E.: A comparison of airway pressures for inflation fixation of developing mouse lungs for stereological analyses. HISTOCHEMISTRY AND CELL BIOLOGY (2020)
Carrau, T.; Silva, L. M. R.; Perez, D.; Failing, K.; Martinez-Carrasco, C.; Macias, J.; Taubert, A.; Hermosilla, C.; Ruiz de Ybanez, R.: Associated risk factors influencing ovine Eimeria infections in southern Spain. VETERINARY PARASITOLOGY 263, S. 54 - 58 (2018)
Rodriguez-Castillo, J. A.; Perez, D. B.; Ntokou, A.; Seeger, W.; Morty, R. E.; Ahlbrecht, K.: Understanding alveolarization to induce lung regeneration. RESPIRATORY RESEARCH 19, 148 (2018)
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