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Journal Article
Kim, H.-T.; Panza, P.; Kikhi, K.; Nakamichi, Y.; Atzberger, A.; Guenther, S.; Ruppert, C.; Guenther, A.; Stainier, D. Y. R.: WNT/RYK signaling functions as an antiinflammatory modulator in the lung mesenchyme. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 119 (24), e2201707119 (2022)
Journal Article
Allanki, S.; Strilic, B.; Scheinberger, L.; Onderwater, Y. L.; Marks, A.; Guenther, S.; Preussner, J.; Kikhi, K.; Looso, M.; Stainier, D. Y. R. et al.; Reischauer, S.: Interleukin-11 signaling promotes cellular reprogramming and limits fibrotic scarring during tissue regeneration. SCIENCE ADVANCES 7 (37), eabg6497 (2021)
Journal Article
El-Brolosy, M. A.; Kontarakis, Z.; Rossi, A.; Kuenne, C.; Guenther, S.; Fukuda, N.; Kikhi, K.; Boezio, G. L. M.; Takacs, C. M.; Lai, S.-L. et al.; Fukuda, R.; Gerri, C.; Giraldez, A. J.; Stainier, D. Y. R.: Genetic compensation triggered by mutant mRNA degradation. NATURE 568 (7751), pp. 193 - + (2019)
Journal Article
Burg, L.; Palmer, N.; Kikhi, K.; Miroshnik, E. S.; Rueckert, H.; Gaddy, E.; Cunningham, C. M.; Mattonet, K.; Lai, S.-L.; Marin-Juez, R. et al.; Waring, R. B.; Stainier, D. Y. R.; Balciunas, D.: Conditional mutagenesis by oligonucleotide-mediated integration of loxP sites in zebrafish. PLOS GENETICS 14 (11), e1007754 (2018)
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