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Journal Article
Nakayama, A.; Roquid, K. A.; Iring, A.; Strilic, B.; Guenther, S.; Chen, M.; Weinstein, L. S.; Offermanns, S.: Suppression of CCL2 angiocrine function by adrenomedullin promotes tumor growth. JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE 220 (1), e20211628 (2023)
Journal Article
Nakayama, A.; Albarran-Juarez, J.; Liang, G.; Roquid, K. A.; Iring, A.; Tonack, S.; Chen, M.; Mueller, O. J.; Weinstein, L. S.; Offermanns, S.: Disturbed flow-induced G(s)-mediated signaling protects against endothelial inflammation and atherosclerosis. JCI INSIGHT 5 (23), e140485 (2020)
Journal Article
Iring, A.; Jin, Y.-J.; Albarran-Juarez, J.; Siragusa, M.; Wang, S.; Dancs, P. T.; Nakayama, A.; Tonack, S.; Chen, M.; Kuenne, C. et al.; Sokol, A. M.; Guenther, S.; Martinez, A.; Fleming, I.; Wettschureck, N.; Graumann, J.; Weinstein, L. S.; Offermanns, S.: Shear stress-induced endothelial adrenomedullin signaling regulates vascular tone and blood pressure. JOURNAL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATION 129 (7), pp. 2775 - 2791 (2019)
Journal Article
Riddell, M.; Nakayama, A.; Hikita, T.; Mirzapourshafiyi, F.; Kawamura, T.; Pasha, A.; Li, M.; Masuzawa, M.; Looso, M.; Steinbacher, T. et al.; Ebnet, K.; Potente, M.; Hirose, T.; Ohno, S.; Fleming, I.; Gattenloehner, S.; Aung, P. P.; Thuy, P.; Yamasaki, O.; Yanagi, T.; Umemura, H.; Nakayama, M.: aPKC controls endothelial growth by modulating c-Myc via FoxO1 DNA-binding ability. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 9, 5357 (2018)
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