Publications of Giovanni Maroli

Journal Article (4)

Journal Article
Maroli, G.; Braun, T.: The long and winding road of cardiomyocyte maturation. CARDIOVASCULAR RESEARCH 117 (3), pp. 712 - 726 (2021)
Journal Article
Schaenzer, A.; Schumann, E.; Zengeler, D.; Gulatz, L.; Maroli, G.; Ahting, U.; Sprengel, A.; Graef, S.; Hahn, A.; Jux, C. et al.; Acker, T.; Fuerst, D. O.; Rupp, S.; Schuld, J.; van der Ven, P. F. M.: The p.Ala2430Val mutation in filamin C causes a "hypertrophic myofibrillar cardiomyopathy". JOURNAL OF MUSCLE RESEARCH AND CELL MOTILITY (2020)
Journal Article
Maroli, G.; Braun, T.: The complex biology of KIT+ cells in the heart. NATURE REVIEWS CARDIOLOGY 15 (8), pp. 443 - 444 (2018)
Journal Article
Taglietti, V.; Maroli, G.; Cermenati, S.; Monteverde, S.; Ferrante, A.; Rossi, G.; Cossu, G.; Beltrame, M.; Messina, G.: Nfix Induces a Switch in Sox6 Transcriptional Activity to Regulate MyHC-I Expression in Fetal Muscle. CELL REPORTS 17 (9), pp. 2354 - 2366 (2016)
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