Publications of Ansgar Poetsch

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Journal Article
Ogorodnikov, A.; Levin, M.; Tattikota, S.; Tokalov, S.; Hoque, M.; Scherzinger, D.; Marini, F.; Poetsch, A.; Binder, H.; Macher-Goeppinger, S. et al.; Probst, H. C.; Tian, B.; Schaefer, M.; Lackner, K. J.; Westermann, F.; Danckwardt, S.: Transcriptome 3 ' end organization by PCF11 links alternative polyadenylation to formation and neuronal differentiation of neuroblastoma. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 9, 5331 (2018)
Journal Article
Kaur, H.; Takefuji, M.; Ngai, C.-Y.; Carvalho, J.; Bayer, J.; Wietelmann, A.; Poetsch, A.; Hoelper, S.; Conway, S. J.; Moellmann, H. et al.; Looso, M.; Troidl, C.; Offermanns, S.; Wettschureck, N.: Targeted Ablation of Periostin-Expressing Activated Fibroblasts Prevents Adverse Cardiac Remodeling in Mice. CIRCULATION RESEARCH 118 (12), pp. 1906 - + (2016)
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