Mario Looso

Mario Looso - group leader

My diploma and PhD thesis was focused on the work with niche model organisms, lacking genome or proteome sequences. I developed approaches to generate quantitative high throughput data on the proteome level for such niche model organisms by facilitating de novo transcriptome assemblies and annotation routines. The work included the use of NGS sequencing data of various platforms as well as mass spectrometry based data. Currently, I focus on approaches to correlate quantitative high throughput datasets on the transcriptome, miRNAome and proteome level. Contact


Carsten Künne

Carsten Künne - postdoc / ECCPS

During my diploma and PhD theses my research was focused on the development and application of software to assemble, annotate, and analyze genomic NGS sequencing data of various platforms to compare microbial pangenomes. Main interests included the identification of conserved and dynamic regions on chromosomes to evaluate a possible impact on pathogenicity, as well as the putative contribution of plasmids to the evolution inside the respective niches. Currently, I am involved in eukaryotic transcriptomics and the creation of high-throughput bioinformatic pipelines housed inside distributed computing environments to streamline analyses. Contact


Jens Preußner

Jens Preußner - ECCPS

My research focuses mainly on large-scale experiments and the developement of methods/workflows for analysis of -omics data, especially in single cells. Besides high-throughput sequencing and transcriptomics in the process of regeneration, I gained experience in experiment design, statistical computing and analysis of small-sample data during my bachelor and master studies. My PHD thesis will be centered around efficient methods for analysis of large scale -omics data. Contact


Annika Fust

Annika Fust

I received my Master in "Informatics in the Natural Sciences" from Bielefeld University. There I worked on different bioinformatical projects and I also gained skills in the wet lab. For my Master thesis (Translational Research Institute, Australia) I analyzed DNA methylation data of monozygotic twins that were discordant in different traits, e.g. nevus count. Epigenetic modifications associated with the traits were identified and further analyzed. In my PhD I will work on with the development of tools for analyzing epigenetic data. Contact


Mette Bentsen

Mette Bentsen

I obtained my Bachelors-degree in "Biotechnology" and Masters-degree in "Bioinformatics and Systems Biology" from the Technical University of Denmark. During my Master thesis, which I did in collaboration with Goethe Universität Frankfurt, I worked on analyzing the protein sequences of moonlighting proteins to enable discovery of novel multifunctional/moonlighting proteins. My PhD will be centered on the development of tools for analyzing high-throughput biological data. Contact


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