Developmental Genetics (Dept. III)


Scientific Focus


The Department of Developmental Genetics investigates questions related to organogenesis including cell differentiation, tissue morphogenesis, organ homeostasis and function, as well as organ regeneration.  We study these questions in zebrafish as well as in mouse and are currently looking at several mesodermal (heart, vasculature) and endodermal (pancreas, lung, liver) organs.  We utilize both forward and reverse genetic approaches, and aim to dissect cellular processes using high-resolution live imaging.  One goal of our studies is to gain understanding of vertebrate organ development at the single-cell level.


The Department is also deeply committed to training the next generation of scientists as evidenced by the long list of former students and postdoctoral fellows now running their own successful laboratory.



Information about current lab members can be found here.






Lectures and Additional Information

Director / Principal Investigator:

Prof. Didier Stainier, Ph.D.



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