Research Departments

Cardiac Development and Remodelling

Focus is exploring the molecular basics of heart development and cardiac diseases and to investigate cardiac regeneration and repair processes.


The department investigates basic molecular mechanisms of cellular signaling pathways. Clinical projects deal with mechanisms of pathophysio-logical processes and drug actions.

Developmental Genetics

The department is interested in the formation, function and regeneration of several vertebrate organs including the cardiovascular system (zebrafish) and lungs (mouse).

Lung Development and Remodelling

The department has a translational research back- ground and investigates genesis of lung diseases as well as lung development and regeneration.

Scientific Service Groups

Mass Spectrometry - Dr. Johannes Graumann

Flow Cytometry - Ann Atzberger

Bioinformatics - Dr. Mario Looso

MRI - Dr. Astrid Wietelmann

Morphometry- PD Dr. Sawa Kostin

Animal Facility - Dr. Nouha Ritschel

Transgenic Service


Press Release of Monday, 10.07.2017

Hohe Auszeichnung: Kerstin Wilhelm erhält Otto-Hahn-Medaille

Max-Planck-Gesellschaft ehrt „besonders herausragende Nachwuchswissenschaftler“

Press Release of Wednesday, 19.04.2017

Cancer diagnosis with a breath test

A new test for the early detection of lung cancer measures tiny changes in the composition of the...



Dept. II: Pharmacology
Research Scientist/ Post-Doc in Cardiovascular Pharmacology

To study pharmacology and pathophysiology of G-protein-coupled receptors.



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